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Surgical Details

  • Name : Urine Bag With Meter
  • Type : Disposable Urology Products
  • Location : Pune, India
  • Construction Date : October 2015
  • Website :

Urine Bag With Meter

Urine Bag With Meter is a high quality product and trusted all across the globe. Urine Bag With Meter is being manufactured and supplied by the company reputed because of excellent product quality, friendly service and professional approach.


Medical - grade PVC.
With plastic hanger, drip chamber, ,air filter, non-return valve, Tubing clamp and bed sheet clamp.
With needle free sampling port.
With T valve.
Sterile individually packed.

Type - 1

Bag Capacity Meter Capacity
2000ml Two Chambers (50 + 400ml)

Type - 2

Bag Capacity Meter Capacity
2000ml 200ml
2600ml 200ml
2600ml 400ml
2600ml 500ml